MTM ** 10th Anniversary 2CD ** 13.10.2006

MTM ** 10th Anniversary 2CD ** 13.10.2006

Melodic Hard Rock
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MTM ** 10th Anniversary 2CD ** 13.10.2006 ** Lšnge --:-- min. ** NEU OVP **

CD 1
01.Zeno "Stand of illusion" - unreleased
02.Alannh Myles/Jeff Healey "I can't stand the rain" - unreleased
03.Fate "Sweet angel" - unreleased
04.Dan Lucas "Love hurts" - unreleased
05.Vengeance "Down down down" - unreleased
06.AOR "Desperate dreams" - unreleased
07.Shiva "The cameleon" - unreleased
08.Brett Walker "Give me back tomorrow" - unreleased
09.Relapsed "Hardest part of goodbye" - unreleased
10.Relapsed "I don't think she misses me atall"
11.Jani Lane "Lay your hands on me"
12.Shades of Grey "If you say" - unreleased
13.Aina "No pleasure without pain" - unreleased
14.Rain "Insobriety" - unreleased
15.Robert Louden "Temptation" - unreleased
16.Silver "Prescious" - unreleased

CD 2 - Best Of MTM Music
01.Tower City - Talking to Sarah
02.Cita - Silent soldiers
03.Dare - Some day
04.Sahara Snow / Rick Springfield - Heaven
05.Axe - Life in the furnace
06.Danger Danger - Goin' goin' gone
07.Harlan Cage - Dearborn station
08.Steelhouse Lane - Son of a loaded gun
09.Hughes / Turner - You can't stop rock n roll
10.TNT - Give me a sign
11.Jaded Heart - Live and let die
12.Tony Martin - Surely love is dead
13.Vengeance - Surely love is dead
14.Fate - Everything about you
15.Warrant - Dirty Jack