Cry Havoc ** Refuel 2CD ** 28.10.2005

Cry Havoc ** Refuel 2CD ** 28.10.2005

Melodic Hard Rock
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Cry Havoc ** Refuel 2CD ** 25.11.2005 ** Länge 84:34 min. **


CD 1
01.I'll be there
02.Forever once again
03.Rescue me
04.Holding into your dreams
05.Better coming
06.No way out
07.I need you
08.Long way to heaven
09.Paying the price
10.Heart on my sleeve
11.Fuel that feeds the fire

CD 2 - Live
01.Holding into your dreams
02.Fuel that feeds the fire
03.Heartland - previously unreleased
04.Heart on my sleeve
05.Paying the price
06.No way out