V / A ** Melodicrock.com Vol. 9 ** 15 Years Later 2CD ** 14.09.2012

V / A ** Melodicrock.com Vol. 9 ** 15 Years Later 2CD ** 14.09.2012

Melodic Rock
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 V / A ** Melodicrock.com Vol. 9 ** 15 Years Later 2CD ** 14.09.2012 ** Länge 159:17 min. ** Klasse 2CD Sampler von der Australischen Webseite Melodicrock.com mit 37 raren / unveröffentlichten Melodic Rock Songs


CD 1
01.MelRock Orchestra - Melody Rocks (The MelodicRock.com Anthem) 06:09  
    (Exclusive new recording)(Ted Poley, Steve Brown, Alessandro Del Vecchio, Marco Sandron, Andreas Novak on Vocals)
02.Joe Lynn Turner - Out There 03:21
    (Exclusive, previously unreleased)(Produced, performed and written by Chris Antblad)
03.Sammy Hagar w/Jesse Harms & Denny Carmassi - Fallen From Grace
    (Exclusive, previously unreleased demo)
04.Erik Martensson - A Different Drum 04:07
    (Exclusive, previously unreleased)(Original writers demo for the Toby Hitchcock album)
05.Beggars & Thieves - Home 04:15
    (Exclusive, previously unreleased)
06.Mecca - Say The Word (Demo) 03:47
    (Brand new 2012 demo)
07.Marc Scherer - Change Everything (w/Jim Peterik) 04:12
    (Exclusive new recording)(Written, produced by Jim Peterik)
08.Michael Bates - More Than A Feeling 04:26
    (Advance preview)(Produced and featuring Erkka Korhonen)
09.Brett Walker - What About You 03:57
    (Advance preview for new 2012 album)
10.Robert Sall - Worth Fighting For 04:52
    (Exclusive, previously unreleased)(Writers demo for Kimball/Jamison album featuring Lars Safsund on vocals)
11.Crazy Lixx - Lights Out 03:09
    (Japanese Bonus Track from the album New Religion)
12.HarleQeen - All The Way Mastered 03:29
    (Advance preview of 2012 debut album from new Swedish melodic rock band)
13.Kelly Keagy - Soul To Call My Own 04:53
    (Exclusive, previously unreleased)(Solo demo)
14.Hicks - Mamas Kitchen 03:19
    (Featuring Miqael Persson on vocals & Erik Martensson)
15.Vic Heart - One Day Left 03:06
    (Exclusive, previously unreleased)(Produced by and featuring Tommy Denander)
16.Fran Cosmo - Highway In Your Eyes 04:23
    (Exclusive, previously unreleased)
17.AOR - No Margin For Error 05:02
    (Exclusive, previously unreleased)(Featuring Chasing Violets & Phillip Bardowell)
18.Auras - Take It To The Limit 04:24
    (Japanese Bonus Track from New Generation)
19.Mike Tramp - When The Children Cry (Orchestral Version) 04:17
    (Exclusive, previously unreleased)

CD 2
01.Liberty N Justice featuring JK Northrup & Mark Lanoue - 15 Years Later (An Ode To MelodicRock.com) 03:37
    (Exclusive new recording for the MR.com 15th Anniversary)
02.Eden's Curse - Time To Breathe 04:46
    (Previously only released as digital single)
03.Tainted Nation - Never Promised You Anything 03:45
    (Advance preview of upcoming 2012 album, featuring Ted Poley on duet vocals)
04.Bonrud - We Collide 03:47
    (Advance preview of upcoming 2012 album)
05.Danny Danzi - Countdown To Insanity 06:08
    (Exclusive, previously unreleased)
06.Ten - The Darkness 04:19
    (Japanese Bonus Track from the album Stormwarning)
07.Redrum - You Can't Buy No Hero (MelodicRock Mix) 05:03
    (Advance preview of upcoming 2012 album featuring Michael Bormann)(Exclusive Mix)
08.Salute - No Way Out Of Here 04:12
    (Japanese Bonus Track)
09.Vega - Here Comes The Rain 04:44
    (Japanese Bonus Track)
10.Little America - Caught in the Rain 04:10
    (Exclusive, previously unreleased)(Recorded for the band's second album)
11.Rock And Roll Sensation - Do What You Want 04:12
    (Advance preview featuring Erkka Korhonen & Pekka Heino Ansio)
12.Takara - Two Hearts (Demo) 03:46
    (Exclusive, previously unreleased)(Original album demo)
13.Robbie LaBlanc & Alan Friedman - Right On Time 05:25
    (Exclusive, previously unreleased new track)
14.Shadowman - Angel Of Mercy 03:57
    (Japanese Bonus Track)
15.Midnight Club - Taming The Ghosts 04:01
    (Japanese Bonus Track)
16.House Of Shakira - Black Is White 04:21
    (Exclusive, previously unreleased)(From the HoS album sessions)
17.Talon - Rose Has Thorns 04:34
    (Exclusive, previously unreleased)(From the III album sessions)
18.Dennis Dries & Rick Chaddock of White Sister - Lonely Lover (Demo) 04:34
    (Exclusive, previously unreleased)(Classic era song, new demo recording)