Sayit ** Same + 1 - Re-release ** 23.11.2007

Sayit ** Same + 1 - Re-release ** 23.11.2007

Melodic Rock
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Sayit ** Same + 1 ** 23.11.2007 ** Länge 55:10 min. ** Das gesuchte 99er Debut Album des schwedischen Gitarristen Sayit mit jeder Menge A.O.R. Prominenz wie Tommy Denander, Andy Eklund (House Of Shakira), Mikael Erlandsson, Thomas Vikström, usw. usw.


01.A second start
02.House of glass
03.Standing on the outside
04.One unguarded moment
05.Could you love me again
06.Garden of eden
07.You're my inspiration
08.She's the one
09.Hear me in heaven
11.Once you love somebody
12.Talk to me - bonus track